Hospitality Jobs for Backpackers

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As a backpacker it’s still relatively easy to get a job in Perth, even though the jobs market has definitely become quieter in the last year or so.

6 Tips for getting a hospitality job in Perth

These are probably the easiest jobs to get in Perth. A large proportion of those who work in hospitality in Perth are backpackers on working holiday visas. This means that, due to the fact that you can only work for a maximum of 6 months with one employer, there is always a large turnover in hospitality staff.

The jobs we’re talking about here are wait staff and bar staff mainly. It can be hard for backpackers to get into management positions but it is definitely possible and can be a way to get sponsorship, if that is your aim, although that is by no means guaranteed.

Hospitality hours can be long and unsociable, but as you will most likely be paid on a casual basis, this can mean good pay! Generally wait staff get $20-24 per hour.

So how do you get a job in hospitality?

  1. You need to do a Responsible Service of Alcohol course (mostly referred to as RSA). You can do these online for very low fees, just google it and pick one. Preferably do this before looking for a hospitality job to avoid any issues. You need this to be able to work at any place which serves alcohol.
  2. Perfect your CV. Make sure you emphasise any relevant experience, even if you don’t have experience specifically in hospitality. Some examples of relevant skills are customer service, sales and cash/card handling.
  3. Get someone to proof-read your CV, especially if English isn’t your native language. Our day staff can check your CV over for a small fee.
  4. Start applying! There are a few different ways to apply. To increase your chances make sure you try all of these:
    1. Online. Check websites such as Gumtree and Seek for hospitality jobs in the Perth area. Make sure you read the ad carefully before applying and check where the job is to see if it’s feasible to get to. We also often advertise positions on our Facebook page.
    2. Apply in person. This is possibly the best way to get a job in hospitality as they can see you and assess your suitability straight away. Print off a bundle of CVs and walk around handing them out to bars, cafes and restaurants. It’s really important to make sure you are dressed smartly and ask to see the manager. Introduce yourself, ask if they have any positions available and be confident. Make sure you pick the right time to apply, don’t expect a good reception if you interrupt a busy lunch shift!
    3. Apply through agencies. There are lots of agencies in Perth that can help you get temporary or permanent positions. One agency that has proved really effective when it comes to supplying hospitality jobs for backpackers is Pinnacles People.
  5. Also make sure to look at regional areas around Perth for work. These can be brilliant for saving money, as food and accommodation is generally included!
  6. Stay confident. You will get rejected a lot, but persevere and you will get there!

Come and see us at reception if you need any more help or advice. We also often post job ads on our jobs board or on our Facebook page, so check these regularly!